Skills-based volunteering has been gaining popularity for several years.

In 2018, the organization that supported skills-based volunteering, “Bénévoles d’affaires” merged with the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal. As a result, skills-based volunteer opportunities can now be found on the VBM website.

Volunteers can now search for both general volunteer opportunities and also for skills-based volunteer opportunities.

Skills-based volunteering creates connections between organizations and professionals in the community. It contributes to the development and effectiveness of community organizations while encouraging the volunteer engagement  of professionals in various fields.

Skills-based voluntees offer their expertise, apply their knowledge and share their know-how. Skills-based volunteers seek to put into practice specifc skills and work experiences as part of their volunteer involvement.


  • To get involved and to actively contribute to the community 
  • To share their know-how to support the development and autonomy of organizations

There are a multitude of possibilities for you to get involved as a skills-based volunteer. NPOs have many specific needs in their organization that require your support. Here are a just a few examples of the opportunities available to you, 

  • Become a member of a board of directors
  • Support an NPO for to accomplish a specific project, such as translating a document, designing a poster, keeping accounts for a fundraiser, etc.

Skills-based volunteering can provide mandates of varied durations, based on your availability. The duration varies greatly depending on the mandate. For example, for boards of directors, a commitment of at least one to two years is often required. Other commitments, such as project or event based mandates can be as short as a few hours or  days.

  • Create your volunteer profile on our website, taking care to fill in the “SKILLS-BASED VOLUNTEER” section. You will need to add your curriculum vitae and a reference so that we can validate your profile. Once your profile has been validated, you will be able to access to all the skills-based volunteer opportunities and you will be able to apply immediately for the offers that appeal to you.

Once your application has been sent to the non-profit organization, all you have to do is wait for a response from them.

You have questions? You can always contact us and we will be happy to guide you.

 ** Note that if you have difficulty with the registration process or the search for opportunities, you can make an appointment with one of our volunteer advisors who will be happy to support you in your efforts.


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