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The Volunteer Food Services of the Central Office

The Volunteer Food Services of the Central Office is a Volunteer Bureau of Montreal program subsidized by the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal, as part of its Aide à domicile. Today, more than 2,000 volunteers work within the Montreal network.

For over 50 years the Bureau central des Services Alimentaires Bénévoles has been assisting Montreal residents, through the organization of community meals and home delivery of meals. 

Through Meals-On-Wheels, we offer people with reduced autonomy the opportunity to receive, almost daily, hot, varied, balanced and nutritious meals. Delivery, by car, on foot or on bicycle, is a great way for these people to maintain their autonomy through human, friendly contact. 

Community meals are an opportunity for people to get together, connect and socialise around meals, activities and various events.

Please consult our News section on the main page to know the meals-on-wheels dates of closure for the summer and the Holidays.

Traditional Meals-On-Wheels: Volunteers deliver hot meals two days per week and handle all aspects of the service; in some districts those who are less mobile are offered Meals-On-Wheels up to six days per week.

Community meals: 20 to 100 people dine together and participate in social activities. Some groups provide transportation.

Community Centres: Several community centres for seniors offer Meals-On-Wheels or community meal services five days a week.

Outings: In collaboration with restaurants and supermarkets, some groups organize weekly outings for their clients.

Intergenerational projects: Several services rely on the participation of young volunteers to encourage interaction between generations.

Frozen meals: Some groups provide frozen meals to supplement hot meals.

Cultural communities: Different cultural communities in the Montreal area also provide services.

Meals-On-Wheels ensures home delivery of hot meals to a clientele with reduced autonomy, i.e., people who need services so that they can remain at home rather than being institutionalized.

The service provides delivery one to five days per week, and in certain districts up to six days per week for those who are less mobile. Some groups also offer a frozen meal service.

Are you eligible? Our clients are proud and independent people who want to live with dignity in their own homes for as long as possible. They have given so much and truly deserve to finally be taken care of.

Meals-On-Wheels is for people who are unable to prepare suitable meals for one or more of these reasons:

  • Temporary loss of autonomy or loss of autonomy due to aging
  • Mental health problem or intellectual challenges
  • Cognitive loss
  • Nutritional problems

(Certain conditions must be validated by a CLSC and the request must be made by a health care professional.)

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Meals-On-Wheels brings together a community of more than 10,000 volunteers, all of whom work with 21,000 beneficiaries aged 50 and over who are losing their autonomy or are in a precarious situation.

Would you like to donate a few hours a week or a month for a worthy cause?

Whether you are a student, worker, retiree or newcomer, you will actively contribute to making a difference through sharing and friendship!

Many job opportunities are available in organizations known for their friendly atmosphere: group leaders, cooks, kitchen helpers, buyers, drivers, delivery drivers, administrative and clerical help, receptionist, friendship calls/visits ...

Discover the opportunities that will put your talents into action!

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