Our mission

Meals on Wheels and community meals or Lunch Clubs are services offered by volunteers.

Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver hot meals to clients needing support services so they can continue to live in their own home.

Lunch Clubs or community meals services are congregate dining projects for seniors with greater mobility. The meals are often followed by socio-cultural activities.

Meal on Wheels is an excellent example of collaboration between government services and community organizations.  Clients are referred primarily by CLSCs or by doctors or other professionals who can evaluate client needs.


Payments from clients cover the cost of food purchase and constitute the main source of funding for Meals on Wheels.  Donations from service clubs, local merchants or other organizations or individuals, as well as local fundraising activities, allow the majority of groups to be financially independent.  A small "Aid to groups" budget, administered by the Volunteer Food Services Central Committee, is available for special needs such as start-up expenses, equipment purchase or repairs.

The Volunteer Bureau of Montreal's Central Office of Volunteer Food Services is funded by the community support program of the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal.