Salvation Army's Booth Centre (#32823)

Le Centre Booth est une ressource d'hébergement communautaire régionale qui vise à améliorer la qualité de vie des hommes en difficulté et/ou à risque d'itinérance de 18 ans et plus en offrant des services adaptés à leurs besoins particuliers.
Volunteer needed to lead art workshops for a group of residents, intervening from time to time with those who participate. The candidate will be subject to a police check. | Place of work: On location
Bilingue (F/A) | Français
Men | Homelessness | Mental health | Substance abuse
Artistic activities | Animating activities
Certificate of recogniton | Reference letter upon request | Meal | Supervision
Length of commitment: 
A few hours a week for three months
Please call the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal at 514.842.3351. Please note the number of the request: 32823
Place of work: 
On location
Métro Lucien-L'Allier
Request number: 

This organization's needs

  • The description of this request is only available in French. | Le Centre Booth est une ressource d'hébergement communautaire qui vise à améliorer laualité de vie des hommes en difficultés et/ou à risque d'itinérance. Nous offrons le service de repas trois fois par jour. Nous avons besoins d'aide en alimentation pour la mise en place, nettoyer la vaisselle et servir les repas aux résidents du lundi au vendredi pour le diner et/ou le souper. | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • We need volunteers to assist our kitchen team, to serve meals, disinfect surfaces and provide warmth and support to men in difficulty. In this time of Covid-19, the needs are greater, and this helps make a difference. We are flexible. | Place of work: On location Read more...
  • We are looking for volunteers to assist social workers in their tasks. We are a Center that hosts men with mental health problems. They need help to accompany the residents for their external appointments or to break isolation. In addition, the intervention team may need support to organize recreational activities or outdoor outings. It's an opportunity to get to know these people better, to make a difference and to develop social skills. | Place of work: On location Read more...