L’ŒUVRE LÉGER (#31677)

L’ŒUVRE LÉGER soutient, au Québec comme à l’international, des actions communautaires innovantes et mobilisatrices pour le mieux-être des personnes vulnérables ou marginalisées. L’ŒUVRE LÉGER tient à obtenir deux grands résultats: la réduction de la vulnérabilité en ce qui a trait à la sécurité alimentaire, économique et physique; l’inclusion sociale des populations marginalisées.
You want to act to support ideas that join your social values? You care about the good of your community and you want to join your contribution to those of others and multiply your reach? The Leger Foundation is proud to present you with a new way to engage: Le cercle. Le cercle looks for people like you: passionate, involved, open, who want to invest from two to three hours per month and ready to share with others their expertise and monetary contribution to support innovative and promising projects which will directly affect the living conditions of the most vulnerable. Are you interested? Join the circle! Https://cercle.leger.org/ | Place of work: On location
Anglais | Bilingue (F/A) | Français
Community development | Poverty
Fundraising | Public relations/Promotion
Bus tickets | Certificate of recogniton | Training | Reference letter upon request
Length of commitment: 
Two to 3 hours, once a month for 6 months.
Marie-Eve Laramée, Chargée de projet / 514.495.2409 x 142 / marie-eve.laramee@leger.org
Place of work: 
On location
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This organization's needs

  • Would you like to take action and support ideas that reach your social values? Are you concerned with the well-being of your community and want to add a donation to that of others to multiply its impact? Le cercle is looking for people like you: passionnate, involved, open-minded, willing to volunteer two to three hours per month and happy to pool their expertise and monetary contribution with others to support innovative and promising projects directly touching the lives of their community's most vulnerable members. | Place of work: On location Read more...