Volunteer Fairs

Upcoming volunteer fairs

McGill Volunteer Fair:

Next Fair : Date to come   from 11AM - 16PM 

New Address: McGill New Residence Hall  - 3625 Avenue du Parc 

More informations: ssmuvolunteer.ssmu.ca

Note: McGill volunteer fair is organized by McGill Students

Concordia Volunteer and Leadership Fair 

Next Fair: October 1st, 2018  from 10AM to 3PM

Address : 1515 Ste-Catherine West, (atrium of the Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex – EV Building – accessible directly from the Guy-Concordia metro)

More informations: www.concordia.ca

About the most recent McGill fair...

More than 70 organizations assembled in the Shatner Ballroom on January 19th, 2017 for the McGill Volunteer Fair. Over 500 visitors, mostly from the McGill community, but also members of the general public, were able to talk to representatives from a wide variety of non-profits and to explore with them the organization’s activities and current volunteer opportunities.

Thanks to those organizations who participated and to the students who work so hard to make this event such a success. The popularity of this fair continues to increase, so stay tuned for information about the January edition!

What is a volunteer fair?

Volunteer fairs are public events featuring from 15 to 70 kiosks representing community organizations seeking volunteers. Regardless of the number, we make sure that several different types of volunteering are represented.

People who want to find out more about volunteering, or who are interested in becoming volunteers, can visit the different kiosks and talk to representatives of the recruiting organizations. It's a good way to learn more about the organizations that interest you, what services they offer and the kind of volunteers they are looking for.

Tips for a successful kiosk

Stand up!
Getting up and staying up is one of the best ways to get someone's attention. Manning a kiosk should not entail sitting with your arms crossed! Don't hesitate to get up and walk around your kiosk. To prevent any temptation, take your chair away!

A smile goes a long way! By smiling to passers-by, you're sending them the message that you are available to talk. In doing so, you will encourage self-conscious people to come forward, and brighten up all the others!

Dress up your kiosk!
No matter how interesting you are, you need material to make your kiosk interesting! People who are in a hurry, or who are shy, will often grab leaflets to read at a more appropriate moment. You also need to think about visibility. Use posters, photos, or a banner, in front or behind you. Your kiosk has to stand out if you want to attract attention!

Appeal to your audience!
We rarely think about it, but it is necessary to adapt a kiosk, according to its location and intended audience. The approach you take with high school students, for example, would be very different to the one you would use with baby-boomers.

Plan your attack!
Planning a kiosk is like planning an attack: you have to have a strategy. Initiate contact with a quick survey or a surprise question. Distribute leaflets. Be creative! Any strategy is good to get noticed. But make sure you respect the event organizer's rules or guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to the fairs?
Most visitors to the fairs are people who want to find out more about volunteering with an organization. Some sign up on the spot, while others collect fliers to help them make up their minds later.

At a volunteer fair, you'll be surrounded by people like yourself who are looking for a stimulating activity that will also benefit the community!

What kind of organizations are represented at the fairs?
You'll find organizations at work in many fields: services for seniors, children, hospitals, literacy groups, residences, shelters and many others. For more information on the different sectors of activity available, please consult our Volunteer opportunities.

What are the advantages for people trying to decide what they want to do?
It's the perfect opportunity to shop around and find the type of work and the type of organization that suit your skills and your schedule.

Need more information?
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