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VBM Membership – General Information

Interested in becoming a Member or renewing your Membership?

Please take a few minutes to read the information below first.

VBM membership:

  • Is open to any duly-accredited community organization, non-profit agency, association, or public organization interested in supporting the VBM in its mandate and activities and whose mission and activities are in keeping with the principles of the VBM;
  • Is mandatory if you wish to use our Volunteer Recruitement and Referal services (individuals/groups);
  • Is valid one year from the date we confirm the acceptance of your application via email;
  • Provides you with discounts on workshop fees;
  • Costs 50$ annually for non-profit organizations, 75$ for public organizations;
  • Grants full voting rights at the VBM’s Annual General and Special Meetings(one vote per member organization).

Please note that the VBM:

  • Does not accept volunteer requests which entail the promotion of specific political or religious beliefs and reserves the right to refuse or to terminate the membership of any agency which acts contrary to any principle of this agreement;
  • Reserves the right to refuse or to terminate the Membership of any agency which acts contrary to any principle of Membership agreement as presented below;
  • Offers Associate or Individual Memberships available at no cost to any and all who wish to support the VBM in its mission. Such Members may vote at our Annual General and Special Meetings, with one vote per Member, and will receive our newsletter (Volunteer Montreal).

Membership Form

Volunteer Bureau of Montreal


By clicking “Submit ” at the bottom of this form, you agree:

  • That the VBM may include your organization’s name, a link to its website (if any), and a brief description of its activities, on for the duration of your Membership
  • To receive communications from VBM. You can unsubscribe at any time


NOTE: a postal code is *essential*.

If your organization is a women’s shelter or requires that the address remain confidential for another reason, please check off here.

Please note that this address will be posted on your organization's profile on our web site.

Person in charge of organization
Name and title of your organization’s volunteer coordinator(s)
Terms and conditions

VBM Membership Terms and Conditions

Given that the VBM’s activities are based upon the following values:

  • The involvement and committed action of individuals are vital to the welfare of a society;
  • Volunteer work is a driving force for personal and community development;
  • Help or support ought to be offered in a manner which respects a human being’s inalienable rights and dignity;
  • Co-operation amongst Montreal’s non-profit organizations is a key component in promoting and supporting volunteerism in our community.

Under this agreement, the VBM agrees to:
  • Work in co-operation with other volunteer centres and non-profit organizations to promote, support, and offer a variety of volunteer opportunities in Montreal; 

  • Refer potential volunteers to our Member Organizations via our web site or during in-house interviews with VBM placement counsellors; 

  • Offer Members opportunities for their volunteer requests to be included on the VBM’s mailing list of media, institutional, business, and partner associations; 

  • Offer workshops, networking activities, recruitment opportunities such as volunteer fairs, learning opportunities such as discussion forums, and a consultation service to provide advice and guidance to any Member requesting it;

  • Offer Members preferential rates for certain events, services, or products;

  • Keep the contents of a Member’s file confidential.

Under this agreement, as a VBM Member Organization, your organization agrees to:
  • Abide by proper volunteer management practices; provide support, training, supervision, an appropriate work environment and treat all volunteers fairly, regardless of age, sex, language, or ethnic origin;

  • Provide the VBM with up-to-date volunteer requests and contact information, inform the VBM when there are changes to be made to these, or when a volunteer post has been filled;

  • Submit volunteer requests in a timely manner. Note that the VBM does not maintain a bank of volunteers; plan ahead to allow us the turnaround time to find your volunteers;

  • Respond in a timely manner to potential volunteers offering you their services, as well as to any VBM representative following-up on volunteers we have referred to your organization.

Non-profit status
If your organization has never used our services, make sure to include a copy of your charter with your Membership application. 

While only the page with the official seal, proving status under the appropriate part of the law for corporations and indicating your Industry Canada/Ministère du Revenu du Québec registration number, is required, if the organization has undergone a name change, we also need the pages which specify this amendment.

Attach a digital copy below if this is your case; maxiumum file size is 51200 KB.  You may also fax it to 514.842.8977, indicating "Membership" on the coversheet.

We cannot open a file without this document.

Exceptions:  CSSSes, CHSLDs, public health agencies and hospitals, other paragovernmental organizations, schools (case by case basis).

You may attach a PDF or image file (gif, jpg, or png). Maximum file size: 51200 KB

Membership Fee Information

You will receive an invoice for the fee via email along with your membership confirmation.

The annual membership fee of $50 may be paid by cheque, money order, or in cash (delivered to our offices in person).

Please make cheque payable to the "Volunteer Bureau of Montreal" with a memo/note of "Membership." Mailing address: 2015 Drummond, Suite 300, Montreal, QC, H3G 1W7

N.B.: The VBM reserves the right to remove volunteer requests from organizations which have not paid the fee within one month of their Membership application.

Example: Google search, internet, from another organization, advertisement, press release, through a friend, TV or radio broadcast, newspaper, volunteer fair, from Centraide, from the Montreal Reference Centre, etc.

If you would like a copy of your answers for your files, please print this form BEFORE clicking "submit."

Once you have done so, you will see a screen thanking you for your submission AND receive a copy of your answers at the email address provided for your Volunteer Coordinator.  If this does not happen, your form did not go through.


Please note what while you may submit volunteer requests or register for a workshop once you have submitted this form, only when we have confirmed your Membership and received payment of the annual fee will your requests be posted on-line and your registrations processed at the Member price.

Kindly allow us 24 to 48 hours to respond to your Membership application and issue an invoice.

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