Philippe Laprise - Public Voting 2019

Philippe Laprise
Philippe Laprise nominated by Le Regroupement des associations PANDA

"Our volunteer is at the heart of the well-being of people with ADHD.

As someone who lives with attention deficit disorder and as the father of a son who copes with ADHD, Philippe has chosen to join us in raising public awareness and demanding better services for people who are affected so that everyone, including himself, can have the opportunities to realize their full potential.

In the past few years, Philippe Laprise has organized four benefit shows to raise funds for Le Regroupement des Associations PANDA. He has been our representative with sponsors, foundations, and other financial backers. He has met with our clients, our employees, and our management team. During his shows, he has sold promotional items with proceeds going to PANDA." - PANDA


From March 4 to 25, 2019