Notice COVID-19 | 17 March 2020

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A message for all Meals on Wheels members

Good morning dear volunteers and colleagues,

With a rapidly evolving and ever-changing situation, we will try to keep you informed of new developments, changes and all pertinent information.

  1. Some good news-the government recognises the importance of the community network in providing essential services and is offering emergency day care for workers and volunteers with young children. Please contact your CISSS or CIUSSS for more information.

  2. The ministry is asking that all Meals on Wheels organisations maintain services. We at MVB are working with la Fédération des Centres d’action bénévoles and le Regroupement des popotes roulantes to make the government aware of the average age of volunteers with this service (72 years old); that due to a lack of access to protective measures and limited human resources, some organisations were forced to close completely or modify their services. The discussions are ongoing, and we are in daily contact with the various ministries.

  3. If you decide to continue meal delivery, limit contact with the recipient, don't enter unless the client has mobility issues. Ring or knock, ask the client to come to the door, pass the meal quickly and avoid hand contact. Some meal services leave the meal at the door, but you must be sure that the client is home and will take the meal quickly to avoid contamination.

  4. A reminder: our offices are closed; we are working from home. For questions about clients contact Clair Jean at liaison-sab [at] cabm [dot] net For all other questions, contact Marjorie Northrup at coordination-sab [at] cabm [dot] net

Thank you again for your dedication, stay safe and don't hesitate to contact us.

Claire Jean and Marjorie Northrup